Blue World City Islamabad is a world-class housing scheme that is being developed to cater to the commercial and residential needs in rapidly-expanding Islamabad.  It is being developed by Blue Group of Companies, a known name in real estate development and management.  Blue World City offers enormous opportunities for growth to those who want investment in Islamabad for commercial purposes.  

The demand for commercial areas in Islamabad was growing, and Blue World City has catered to it through its commercial block.  It offers plots of various sizes to the investors who can avail them for different business needs.  The demand for plots in this area is growing while the developers have kept the plan flexible, so they would be able to get ROI in the minimum possible time.

Here is a brief overview of the commercial opportunities that Blue World City Islamabad offers to investors.

Blue World City Islamabad – An Investment Worth the Value

Blue World City Islamabad is a worthy investment because of the prime location as well as the opportunities for growth it offers.  The mentioned area is one of the fast-developing regions in Islamabad, attracting huge investments.  There has been an influx of residential and commercial investments, helping raise its value.  As new housing societies have begun to work on development, the competition has grown.

The addition of developmental projects like CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring Road is a new addition that has helped to commute easier to this area.  As the infrastructure is enhanced, this area will come at par with other developed parts of Islamabad.  As it is easily accessible from Chakri Interchange, it has made it possible for corporate investors to innovate in various manners.

As the main focus of Blue World City is catering to the residential needs of the investors, it will offer adequate returns to the commercial investors.  Along with that, the easy commuting and commercialization will add to the influx of customers from various parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.  It is a golden opportunity that the customers should avail themselves in time before it gets too late.  

Owners and Developers

Blue World City Islamabad is being developed by Blue Group of Companies, a seasoned real estate company.  They have worked on various real estate projects in various cities, making them successful ventures.  As this project is close to the CPEC route, the developers have ensured that it benefits from this opportunity.

The developers of Blue World City are working in close collaboration with a Chinese company, Shan Jian Municipal Corporation.  The said company will add to the strengths of Blue Group of Companies, making this project a masterpiece in planning and development.  Mr. Saad Nazir, the owner of Blue Group of Companies, has made the best possible efforts to attract international investors to this project.

Blue Group of Companies began its ventures in real estate back in 1989, and since then, it has achieved various milestones.  It stands as one of Pakistan’s most reliable real estate companies with the best track record.  A recent study about real estate companies in Pakistan has ranked it amongst the five best companies.  Once Blue World City Islamabad is complete, it will add to the list.

As the project of BWC has been approved after the issuance of NOC, its developers have increased the pace of developmental works.

Commercial Plots

There are various types of commercial plots in Blue World City available to investors.  Different blocks have exclusive commercial plots, which the customers can avail themselves of per their choice.  These include plots in General Block, Overseas Block, Commercial Area, and the Special Economic Zone.

There are five marla commercial plots available in the General Block.  The customers can avail themselves of 7,500,000.  The down payment is 720,000, while the possession fee is 300,000.  The customers can avail the choice of payment in monthly or biannual installments.

Overseas Block has five and ten marla commercial plots available to the investors.  The five marla plots in this block are available for 7,500,000, while ten marla plots are available for 14,000,000.  The customers can choose a monthly or half-yearly mode of installments.

Along with that, the commercial area has specified locations for banks, plazas, cinemas, retail shops, and shopping malls near Orbital Avenue.  The developers have also planned an economic zone for commercial purposes.

Perks of Investment in BWC Commercial Plots

Blue World City is an opportunity that will open up several means of growth to investors.  As there are various types of commercial plots available, the influx of customers will ensure businesses’ growth in a record period.  As the CPEC route is completed, the influx of investors from different parts of the world will increase the value of commercial plots in Blue World City.  Thus, the plot owners will be able to utilize them in different manners.


Blue World City Islamabad is a flagship project of the Blue Group of Companies.  The developers have worked immaculately on the project to ensure that investors benefit from both commercial and residential plots.  The increased number of registration for commercial plots indicates the value hike.  Thus, interested customers should avail this opportunity because the number of plots is growing less due to new purchases.